Leif Kølner and Fredrick Reymert through our camera

Fredrick Reymert

Fredrik Reymert: I’m Fredrik Reymert working for a small engineering company in Norway called Leif Kølner.

Interviewer: For how long have you been working with Sofraser?

Fredrik Reymert: I’ve been working with Sofraser for six years. In September it will be six years since i started in Leif Kølner but i know Leif Kølner, the company I’m working in, has been working with Sofraser I think… it’s 15 years

Interviewer: What’s make you proud to work with Sofraser?

Fredrik Reymert: The quality I would say. That’s the first thing. The response of the support. It’s always easy to ask questions. The fact that Sofraser is able to mount the sensor and it’s still running standing there maybe after 10-15 years without any major troubles. I find that quite amazing to be honest.

16 years of working together with Leif Kølner

The celebration of 50 years of existence was also an occasion to celebrate the many partnership Sofraser made along the way. Like the one we have with Leif Kølner. Supplier of felt instrumentation for industrial applications and who was represented by Fredrik Reymert, they has been Sofraser’s partner for over 16 this year.

Specialised in the chemical industry, the Norwegian company has proven to be trustworthy with fast deliveries, flexible service and a close follow-up.

While on site, he gave an interview for our cameras about his partnership with Sofraser. A great occasion to explain why his company still works with us after 16 years.

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