Pere Masana from PSA Ingenieros through our camera

Pere Masana

Pere: My name is Pere Masana, I’m working for PSA Ingenieros in Spain

Interviewer: For how long have you been working with Sofraser?

Pere: I meet them first time around four years ago and yeah it has been a hard time because two of these years have been pandemic but hoping to work more and more

Interviewer: What’s make you proud to work with Sofraser?

Pere: well since I met them I realized they have a real good quality product and for the team is a very professional team and I feel very comfortable working with them with the support I receive all the time.

A now 7 years collaboration with PSA Ingenieros

Pere Masana from PSA ingenieros was able to come to Sofraser’s factory to celebrate with us our 50th anniversary. Founded by engineers, PSA Ingenieros is a national reference in the continuous analysis field. They have earned Sofraser’s trust over the years to sell our products to the Spanish market.

Specialised in the oil & gas market, PSA ingenieros strength is their good technical knowledge. We saw from the very first meeting and even more at ACHEMA.

While on site, Pere Masana gave an interview for our cameras about his partnership with Sofraser. He tells us why he still works with us after those 7 years of collaboration.  

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